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tv   Historical Preservation Commission 111815  SFGTV  November 25, 2015 3:00pm-6:01pm PST

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>> the proposed project is a
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complete on townsend we are built those buildings are brick unreinforced the same owner in filed with the concrete building 5 phase wide bears on the brick walls like the quote we included on the submittal packet if here today a new building we've surveyed the property lines in the wall these 3 buildings are party wall structures the building in the historic district it is soft story not brimentd under the cutters zoning converted to office use that matter will be heard tomorrow at the planning commission we have copies of the origin drawings and comparing to what exists to those drawings if you
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changes have been made to the interior is building codes has changed townsend does not meet codes for the disabled exits our proposal is upgrades in all the areas this is a plan of a typical upper floor the interiors are the industrial in appearance and our proposal to remain this throughout a new core of elevators with that fire escapes as the second means of egress and new restrooms the ground floor - includes a retail area and office and the entrances recessed about say by the building code the building
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has no basement so utility services is a challenge of the neighboring buildings have been strengthened already to meet the unreinforced, ordinance we meet about the building inspection and they agreed to keep the 3 buildings connected to each other was a beneficial approach to resist the seismic overturning the collection of buildings and asked us to evaluate the buildings each, is responsible for irreverent it's own seismic forces what that meant for us the introduction every two concrete walls setback and would not be visible from the exterior of the building they're well built with the strength their higher than than the projects in the past their strong on their own without additional
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reinforcing is described we followed staff recommendation to restore and rely railroad in kind where the innovations to the original building we'll okay. the past using temporary vocabulary as you can see from the drawings and this sheet which is an excerpt of the original accusing up in the corner condition today what we're proposing from the storefront we'll remain the exist everything really we'll replace the upper floor windows and especially with the windows assessments been included in our package and thinking that presently thinking the windows will be replaced a few days ago we saw the replacement is well over one million dollars we might be able to repair the
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windows we're not particularly optimistic getting the glazing is difficult but we would like to verify this is the appropriation you'll approve and allow the repair opposite the original stairs are not original the composition of the proposal echoes the past there was a small part of the original facade office for the warehouses we have a small portion of a small use for retail in the exact location and the primarily use of building will be office and the preliminary was chairing in those two convenes of the storefront have been maintained, in fact, some detail we have a bulk head of retail and use the boards concrete it's a dpavent
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from the board formed concrete they'll not note we'll engage with the - the initial approach to the facade in part no public access to it the streets in the back of the projects are private however, planning department staff convinced us to treat this as an historic facade we did the windows will be replaced or repaired like the townsend and the ground floor elements that will treated similarly we'll put windows in where windows were for the and he rhythm the rear facade been maiden the project includes a roof deck like the elevators the elevators are not visual from townsend street and prepared the design criteria at the set ends they're
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specific and we've shown in the packet verbiage from article 10 the appendix i say owner present those to the prospective tenants and committed to maintaining the look of this building we're representing today i'll be happy to answer any questions and urge to approve our request are for the certificate of appropriateness any questions commissioner hasz. >> thank you sir on the storefront of the two bays to recreate the historic look or is that a different reason. >> to echo the rhythm of the original drawings evidence that shows a concrete bulk head before. >> would you prefer not to have that. >> we struggled a little bit with that but one piece we have a nice disdain design.
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>> more my fellow commissioners i'd like to see it similar in the sponsor given the option to do that i don't think anybody is realizing that is what it was before. >> commissioner pearlman. >> sir a question on you're showing townsend street facade that you showed seems a little bit different than in the packet we've received it appears like the retails entrance has some gritted windows but on the elevation in the packet no grids i like the grids they pick up from the original drawings so i want to get some clarity on which one our. >> this is above the rail. >> yeah. above the retail and i apologize the original office
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had a couple of vents for the ventilation we needed a couple of vents i see what you mean 4 in the proposal this might 2. >> i saw the vents but the windows in between have things between them. >> thank you. >> not shown. >> so maybe single pains like this. >> sorry about that. >> showing on the design criteria drawings the last sheet number 13 in you're showing >> that's fine thank you. >> commissioner johnck well,
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this is discussion between staff and the gentleman do you feel that you have enough flexibility in the conditions to have a windows repair rather than replacement. >> because you'd like that. >> it is a matter of two things one cost and be able to get the cost we don't have answers to either of those questions we would like to head in that direction if so it they rememberly and economically feasible. >> i'd like the option. >> must sue crepe and dave i mitigate recommend to accommodated for the repair of the windows to work with the sponsor in the future if at the choose to repair the windows rather than replacement we have not looked a proposal but in support of repair and trying to
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remain as much historical fabric as possible. >> would any members of the public of member of the public wish to comment seeing none, public comment is closed. >> commissioners, back to you. >> commissioners in the draft motion that was provided we have one error on the second condition it should read in the second sentence the penthouse should be minimally visible to strike the note in there. >> so commissioners, back to you. >> it looks great i have a
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question about the bulk head is that an option. >> my reasoning on was bulk head flush with the face of building and they'll cut out and move back for storefront recreating stuff seems like it is unnecessary i'd like to to me you're interrupting the rhythm of the bulk head i'd like to see that clean. >> for the rhythm of the bay commissioner pearlman. >> i'll move with the permit excuse me. the recommendation for the staff proposal with the edits and the bulk head. >> commissioner pearlman. >> second. >> commissioner pearlman. >> yeah. i have one comment on the rear facade it has the
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developers in the transwindow you've put in the rear facade windows but on the verg verl the new storefront is fine but seems original you could absolutely put something in there maybe the rhythm is different they're not as intensive but some kind of breakdown of that marching across there is appropriate and then i kind of agree about the bulk head issue i think that the building is so regular the windows above is so regular in the original drawing that way as commissioner hasz says you know none will know that the door is in a different position i don't
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think it creates any false or anything that does not represent the features of the building i agree the bulk head is not necessary. >> i believe she's included that the vertical have - would you - >> yeah. >> that was to what aspect. >> the vertical in the transwindows only the townsend tree side. >> commissioners, if you'll indulge us to make sure the gentleman from the staff receipts. >> as i understand the conditions will be edited the first condition to accommodate for the sash windows and the second condition yoitdz to roam
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the not from the penthouse they'll be minimally visual from any light way and the third conditions will add a fifth condition to add the bulk head from the storefront design to have a clear reading the storefronts across the facade and finally there being a significant condition it dominates for the level if the front facade on the townsend street. >> as a clarification so for the bulk head are we asking for the change or give the project sponsor the option? >> sir. >> yeah. >> we would be happy without the bulk heads that's fine under our comment commissioner pearlman not the townsend street. >> you had them there so all
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i'm saying on the original drawing the townsend facade the bars in the transit it seems like that eagle eagle lg /* /- h - >> removal of bulk head. >> thank you. >> very good commissioners, if there's nothing further there's a motion that's been seconded to approve that with conditions as they were amend and corrected commissioner hasz commissioner johnck commissioner johns commissioner matsuda commissioner pearlman and schneider so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero and place you on item 7
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case geneva as long as santa fe after a certificate of appropriateness. >> briefly before marseille presents he wanted to take a moment to introduce the personnel this is her first for presenting before this body marseille has like i said been with the department for two years working on the south west team as the presentation planner almost over seven years of experience work in preservation planning and architecture an architecture and planning background and worked with age architectural firm please help me welcome and you'll see much more of her in the near future.
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>> thank you. >> good afternoon. commissioners department staff before you is a a certificate of appropriateness for the san francisco san mateo railroad company office building the office building is part of geneva carbarn that includes the power house building together ross are in the california registers both buildings are owned by the san francisco recreation and parks department on the western edge at given and santa fe avenues the recreation and parks department is prototyping on use and rehabilitation program for the facilities the overall project is provided it will be in the anticipated and the certificate of appropriateness will be looked at the sponsor will
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provide more anticipated phasing and proposed use in phase one it is proposed at the power house and the office building is to support this work the certificate of appropriateness are property by alternatives of the east even though building specifically that site is adding a trash glory with areas currently used for parking the trash or enclosure is adjacent to but not attached to the historic building and you think attached to the building that fines the proposed work in phase one this condition is recommended to article 10 and meets the interior standards the new sites feature will be of
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metal or concrete that are impartial with the site and the trash enclosure could be removed the staff recommendation is approval of the above mentioned work as well as approval the above mentioned work and the office building with conditions in consideration the scope of work about before you at at certificate of appropriateness that the office building is provide for review details will be provided by the sponsor that concludes my presentation. i'm available to answer any questions there's a rf from commissioner avalos office to speak on this topic i want to invite her to speak. >> hello, i'm the legislative aide to to commissioner avalos district 11 this is the gunfire
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carbarn and power house in the middle of our district derelict for 25 years an popper thing if in our neighborhood a no man's land because of the hostiles and the mta parking and so on we're very excited and supportive of this approach for the carbarn it is the project itself is out of a community supported community needed the community that saved the building from destruction mta was going to tear down after the 1989 quake and transferred to the art center adjacent across the street is the upper yard 100 percent affordable housing so we're rebuilding this neighborhood which is now really a no man's land so we're
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existing the geneva carbarn and power house will be a beacon and serve our community well it is one building we're supportive of the design work in the community effort to make that possible. >> thank you. >> the project sponsor like to make a presentation. >> 10 minutes. >> good afternoon. i'm nicole a projector director with the recreation and parks department i'll keep my remarks short to the architect can show you the good stuff i want to give you a little bit of background it was designed by the ready brothers in 1901 and 3 the electrical system that was occupied until the 40s was taken over by muni it occupied until 89 it was
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heavily damaged in the loma prieta and the communities came together to protest the demolition that was the geneva office building and power house was to rehab this building to be a community art center the heart of programming a job training for underserved kids for all ages as well as the cafe provided community meeting rooms a black box theatre and design studios currently at the time, no designated theorist spaces in district 11 in 2010, the building design was chosen as is architect they donated the dental. >> and is schematic design those designs or that design was
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approved by the nationals parks serve with phase one and phase two as part of possess and in 2013 is project got exception from the ceqa from the balboa's development plan and last month we received the approval for the design review the roommates carbarn they call it comprised over 25 thousand square feet as marseille not the secretary of interior for the designs has been applied and required the project will get a lead gold status based on the documents the costs estimates for the project is $29 million given the high costs the recreation and parks department and partnership are the office of economic workforce development as part of they're new neighborhood activation
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program the office of commissioner avalos and the san francisco arts commission have a phase one the power house and the phase two the rest of the office building this will substantially studying speed up the activation of the program the powerful house is 31 hundred square feet beautiful and unique space and will be used to host the programming for arts and adults and youth and seniors that includes the virtual dance in the visual arts and the programming for senior movement classes and yoga and early child development classes that serves as as a community space and rent-controlled units for art exhibit shuns and equipped with
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kitchen and portable stage for exhibit sthuns a simplified version of the power house will be kept in the final project or the fully built out project lastly the planning department's has included the phase one is not a modification to the master plan no effect on the ceqa we've received thank you very much >> thank you. >> this is roslyn coal the principle of the design. >> good afternoon. my name is a rosalina principle and architect with the design and joining me is josh from the founding privilege of the design and steve stark preservation architect with the company
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okay as you've heard from nicole you've heard the history of the building i'd like to show you some specifics here is a site plan and as you can see the corner of santa fe and geneva kitty-corner cornering from or the bart station to the east is working muni yard and the building is completely surround by trellis a busy intersection in the bart system here's some historic photographs you have newer you're packet shown at the top is the photograph of the office building prior to the 1906 san francisco earthquake and here the photograph of the power house after it was built in the 1906 san francisco earthquake the top portion came down and was we built with the concrete over the building it is more
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current in 2003 a stabilization effort the windows have now piloted and it is basically been vacant for 25 years so you know with every pga year the building gets more and more in decay and surfaces need to be retouched there are 3 entrances to the building the northern entrance to the room where the carmen received the orders and the central entrance to the office building component of the building and further september 11th this is the main entrance to the power house the sidewalk slopes and the steps each of these entryway conditions has different constraint this is a challenge to move forward how to answer is it if an assessable quasi to the
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north salvation in 1906 the partial piece of brick came down and the temporary fix was building paper it's been retained and bake side a working muni yard so power poles and power lines and within very close proximity to the building our jurisdictions is 5 feet out from the building we have a under arrest swatch of lands we have access i want to call your attention to this window a doorway in 1917 during the carr machine strike the carmen sleeping in the assembly room on the second floor could assess the trains that were kept in the carbarn without the ticket lines this is for us an important moment in history we're
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highlighting the site plan for the full built build out the entire sidewalk will be redone and as i mentioned the entrances there is important for us to provide the quiet itself solution for assessable entrance to each of the 3 entrances in a way we have no railings in front of of windows by working with the railing we'll have up to the northern entrance to the middle a entrance and here to the powerful house entrances to each set of stairs will be rebuttals to current codes but then providing those assessable needs code reasons we have a stair that takes you through the building to grade and within the
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5 foot setback providing up to the public right-of-way and here are the trash grocery and is working side of the building nicole men's our uses so i wanted to quickly walk through through the floor plans where overseeing are located in the room a 70 seat restaurant the central entrance is assess components for the education uses that will be primary on the second story and third story this is the historic fabric this hallway and along the west side creatively over time changes to the deck we've chosen to place the stair and elevator and restrooms along the backside and fully restoring the hallway on the west there is a connection here adjacent to the power
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house. >> you have 30 seconds. >> i'll move forward i will go through the photograph of the existing space here's the elevation of the proposed work the light handrails and entrance to the power house north side the rear, phase one. >> thank you. >> sorry about that any questions from the commission? >> commissioner matsuda. >> just one general question not in the information or the conditions about interpretive patterns. >> interpretive stories is that - >> i just want to make sure
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that is important for the component and the communities the chair of the friends of the jennifer carbarn power house has been working on the trench activist not only the building but folks who worked in the building so tail be lynn the hallways and we'll have it in the power house. >> there say is turbine locations we're taking 2 and creating little trains so they'll house of artifacts from the site with the glass floor. >> open up for public comment we have one speaker card desiree smith san francisco heritage. >> hello commissioners game-changer i'm desiree with san francisco heritage our committee reviewed this in september of this year and we
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are very much in support of the project we the architect reproject team has done a wonderful job of highlighting the history treating the hectic fabric sensitivity and we're very enthusiastically about the project and want to commend all the work that the community has done since is geneva carbarn on the department for all their attention to this building this is a great model for the pubically owned buildings thank you. >> thank you. >> any other member of the public who name and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. >> i'm dan weaver the friends of the geneva carbarn and power house this is great this is moving forward and we thoroughly support it i believe that everyone in the community thoroughly supports it
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nobody says tear the building down we realize it is not going to rot there we also is the predecessor organization historic historic preservation commission advisory committee or council helped us a lot to save the building that and i'd like to remind you therefore you have a role in mrovd this well perhaps the first roll in city government thank you. >> any other member of the public wish to speak hearing and seeing none, public comment is closed back to you, commissioners. commissioner pearlman. >> i want to say that i walked through this building in 17 or 18 years in the late 90s that was pretty horrendous then i can't imagine what is now as to the gentleman that spokes about
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groups that wanted to tear it down i was with a group that wanted to tear it down i time to compliment everyone involved for an amazing job an incredibly sensitive well done project we have a project earlier in the year a lamp put in front of the the school and we struggled with this exact issue of having those railings in front of the historic windows and managed to do that without this issue i compliment you as well on that thanks very much i'd like to make a motion to adopt this and get them to moving forward. >> second. >> wonderful. >> fabulous. >> thank you very much. >> (clapping). >> we got a vote. >> congratulations. >> i'd like to state that i've
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been following this project i guess visually my whole career in san francisco i love the building i'm jealous i was not able to be part of design i love what you've done. >> there is a motion and a second to approve that with conditions commissioner hasz commissioner johnck commissioner johns commissioner matsuda commissioner pearlman and commissioner hyland's so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously. >> now clap. >> commissioners that is on item 8 the van ness below-market rate certificate of appropriatene appropriateness. >> hello commission shelly preservation staff as the commission secretary said a certificate of appropriateness hearing to review the van ness
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brt bus rapid transit project since the packets were sent out i've received two comment letters from the public one from the city hall advisors preservation i'm not sure you have copies of that letter i have copies here for the public if they'll like and a letter from mary miles attorney so the commission reviews the project in october and generally supportive of many aspects of the proposal including the site plans, the proposed planting plan, the proposed platform, the fevens and railing proposed new latin-american and property cameras on the platform ass at the time at the hearing in october the commission directed the project team to
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further study and rise four components of the project including the station shelter the sidewalk paving the curve looishg line and the historic pole treatment the project team as maimed the project design and considering two conditions of approval such including a entrance it curve at the platform and interpretative signage at the platform or nearby and replying the granite curve which will be harmed are alternated by the project the staff finds open balance the project meets the secretary of interior standard and the requirements of article 10 we're recommending approval of the project, however, we do have 56 conditions of approval which i'm walk you through new they're complex and the project sponsor has not been out to commitment to all of them a large portion
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the preservation will presentation will go through the conditions of approval i want drawing your attention to the site plan on the overhead projector this is the easiest way to look at the project in whole us first condition of professional the project manager will put if the curb proposed and hectic granite curve are mr. ginsburg 0 consistent treatment at the street edge along the length of van ness avenue within the boundary of the civic center with the curve and at the
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station platform edge as you can see the site plan currently there are historic granite curves with the blocks on the entire not southern but earn side of vaeven and approximately half the western side of van ness the curve are missing preliminary in front of the the opera and the building and the block to the north there almost every block or every block along the alignment will have the curb line million dollar for bulb outs or new bulb ins or ada assessable ramps it is modified we think that is appropriate treatment to replace either existing entrance it or existing concrete with new
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granite to match the common curb district within the historic district the project manager and the project team explicit feel not found there is fund to install granite consistently throughout the district instead of this is a point of contention at this point, we're recommending that the granite is installed along the entire edge but if the you find in our decisions not reach an agreement with the project team we'll remove the item and come back at a different time when further studies with the alterations and how much funding to meet our current requests so this is the curb issue the second condition of approval the
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project manager should removal the shelter from the current excuse me. proposal and seek a separate certificate of appropriateness for this shelter installations one of months of this approval to allow the project manager additional time for more appropriate design at the last hearing we reviewed 3 different alternative designs for the she will not none was satisfied with any of the finds and the project team would like to have additional time to study at a more appropriate shelter to come back will have months the thirds condition of approval project sponsor should restore the poles directly improvements city hall 20 who two are located floveng the memorial court and
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prepare a maintenance plan for the longtime care the fourth is the project sponsor shall install the signage a brief description of the landmark district with the images of the van ness corridors we've spoken with the project manager for the program program we would like to use what they've developed to create signage for the hectic district the late condition of approval is that the project sponsor shall entirely replace the concrete paving at the sidewalk along the van ness corridors within the boundaries the civic center district the plans in our packet the engineering drawings the last couple of pages the plans do indicate that all the powder concrete and sidewalk
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paving will be replaced the project team has informed us funding currently to replace the walk that will be sdrushdz by the walk the end result the patchwork ever old and new concrete paving and we find this will be problematic we don't have a firm finding of exactly the percentage will be new. >> what percentage is old it that would be helpful and initial to have a site plan that identified where exactly where this will, located but for now we're recommending did approval with conditions all the sidewalks are replaced consistently and right now mta has informed us not funding you could consider also dir approval for the sidewalk paving to a at
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a later time if you can't make a decision. >> i'm going to turn it over to the partnerships they'll give you a brief overview the project to refresh you're memories if you have any questions i'm available thanks. >> project sponsor. >> presentation. >> be mindful you have 10 minutes. >> 10 minutes okay. >> then my name is peter i'm the sfmta project manager for the van ness brt project i have my arts architect and landscaper architect to go over the landscaper wish you were here last month we did a presentation
4:01 pm
like a recap we'll talk about things i'll address some of the things the planning department staff has requested on the granite curbs we guarantee that we will replace and repair any curbs that are damages or sdprushd during the destruction credit i construction process the issue comes up of putting now grainiest curbs the f.k. funding is they specific about only be able to use project funds for transit improvements and the question is either union street in curb that are a betterment i'm going to get a better dissension what it comes in the fta says it's okay. we'll go ahead and do it from the fta
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says they'll consider a betterment then we have a find a separate source funding we can't have the curbs are transit related i know it is splitting hairs on the platform we can put in curbs brand new construction and transit related item we can adjust those to include the grainiest feature in these the public platform the she will not design back within 6 months and working with the staff to come up with something we can maintain that fits the character of the corridor and that in the future we can tie-in with the rest of the platforms you're
4:03 pm
building at mccart and van ness the earth features that tie platforms it didn't disruptive the unity of the project the historic signage we can work with the planning department staff and sidewalks the sidewalks are an issue we're rebuilding all the sidewalks from the curb to between 5 and 7 feet into the middle of the sidewalk we're doing active construction work we can go in and could through the construction work and we have
4:04 pm
broken the sidewalk for poles we have putting in decoration for the - >> two feet and 5 fiat foot. >> two foot wide and 5 fufshz to enhance the look and the sidewalk the fta recognizes the disabled improvements basically on the ramps the section in the middle of the block away formulates curb line in front of of the properties i couldn't or again, a question how to pay for it it is currently in the contract documents as a bid item we're work with dpw and planning to find a source of funds if we can find an independent source of funds we'll move forward but the core of the project we have
4:05 pm
a spebdz the funds on specific on transit related items and while we can justify the rae building sidewalks with a trolley poles it is a transit issue further in it gets trickier and defending ourselves with audits is tricky but thought the appropriate color to do the work with and is signage we're happy to work with the planning department and coming up with something appropriate and coming back the last issue is the poles we the project team is happy to leave the exist poles we'll be happy to put a new cannot have painting not recommend we do this the poles 3 of them not in too bad of shape one is and
4:06 pm
hundred-year-old concrete this is why one of the poles are spilling concrete and others poles dropping concrete the rebar is starting to over load in the end after the project is completed the poles will be orphans no use to the sfmta no money to own them are maintain them they can't be used as trolley poles not at all enough you are strong enough a secondary use as light poles in the sfmta didn't want them on more than poles the whole corridor tied together so at best we go have wherein hundreds-year-old poles poles in front of the the city hall and the open practicing are house an issue from the short term for graffiti and long term from
4:07 pm
concrete failure and the /* rotation the city department steps up and takes ownership everyone didn't center the funding or the abandoned width i'll be happy to answer any questions. >> thank you. >> any questions commission. >> commissioner johnck. >> well, i guess i'll try to figure out what we're left with today oil defer to the architecture review committee you've heard this what a months ago or so, so i guess what do you feel you're left with in terms of we're left with not too much to approve without future
4:08 pm
information or do you think in our timeline. >> - >> a certify f /* /- certificate of approval to do the work i'm happy to do the sidewalk if you find a fund from the fta has the funding i'll be happy to do that i'll work with the planning department staff to lobby the fta to get that permission and if we could get a certificate of appropriateness with those conditions anticipate is historic signage on the granite curbs open mcallister streets i'll go away happy the poles make that a condition
4:09 pm
the condition as far as preserving them we can preserve them but the sfmta didn't recommend preserving those poles as soon as the construction is done at the don't belong to anybody when they eventually drop a piece of concrete arrest a regular 311 you have a pole that is rotting all the departments will be saying that's you're responsibility we'll say not us. >> any other questions. >> yeah. i have a question for the gentleman sorry. >> you talked about the signage and then i were suggesting that it was dir to the platt program is that the intent. >> yes the the city is started to or
4:10 pm
the department started to design some templates for landmarks and scanners for landmark district so shannon from our office presented that a few weeks ago to the commission we would like to continue to work on development of that template with the proximate cause team but you saw the basic design to install banners rather than a fixed poster board along the van ness corridor within the district. >> and that i'm sorry, i didn't think to bring the graphic in with me i'm sorry the banner template includes two banners a map of the district and there's are texted with the brief description. >> and then option for either graphics on either side of the
4:11 pm
banner. >> thanks. >> so let's move on to public comment we have a handful of speaker cards. >> ask for your forgiveness if i mispronounce you're name (calling names). >> you have up to 3 minutes. >> jane edwards a donor fin at city hall people all over the world come to this city not only for it but it's historic significance i don't believe for a minute that those light poles cannot be repaired it is something they just don't care about what other
4:12 pm
city in the united states can boost of century old light posts and lamps and if they can it is because they cherish the tradition they cherish the background and heritage that so many of our so many - people before us have preserved do we want to live in a city that looks like every other city? those light posters and ramp posts are simple and beautiful in design they have a hints of mayan architecture in the american renaissance that was so important at the time they were
4:13 pm
built no. those people don't care they do not care about the lift those are essential to the history of the city and we want to say again that the trees that line van ness trees are the lungs of the earth we 53 we should nurture them thank you >> (clapping.) thank you. >> pete. >> next up it mary ann. >> come on up, sir. >> good afternoon
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i motives to san francisco in 199 drawn to the fact one of the major arteries was mature trees i lives in negotiation and nothing like that running past city hall one of the you know, i realize there were several options brought up in the eir and option a hybrids three and four that puts the brt in the middle as opposed to to the curbside by the board of supervisors but within the context of preserving the historic investment of thgrn space it is important to consider option two putting it at the curb see i've been a member of season ticket holder for the beetle singles 1999 i will say that during
4:15 pm
intermission stand on the balconies looking at across city hall you notice the beautiful mature trees in the for ground of the buildings behind they were studied for their health and i think on a ranking from one being poor and 5 the best almost all the medium trees that internal revenue the largest and mature trees were ranked 4 or 5 this proposal putting the bart in the middle is suggesting taking down large and mature and healthy trees others trees put back will take many years of warranties to get those trees to get them close to where they are now decades and from today's meeting he hadn't been aware the granite curb situation but
4:16 pm
police vehicle new brt curb line that will free up the abilities for the granite i don't know i appreciate the environment and the trees are a large part of that and hopefully, you'll move the brt to the bush side thank you. >> i'll read a few to get you lines lined up (calling names). >> mime mary anne represent the conveniently coalition we
4:17 pm
internal revenue strongly against the brt in the middle and we know that most of the public is completely unaware of the what this is all about and what will happen and what it see to the city it is think unbelievable restraining order building crime to not let's the public fwheeg on this project i strongly urge that we go back to reconsidering the curbside alternative for so many reasons one being that is it safer and less more convenient for the elderly and the disabled to get to a bus stop that is curbside and also they're going to be eliminating a lot of bus stops 9 out of 16 so the disabled and seniors will have to walk blocks
4:18 pm
and cross busy streets to get to a bus this is absolutely ridiculous and doing it in the middle makes the beautiful look of van ness disappear those trees make van ness beautiful. >> highway it looks like a famous boulevard with the beautiful trees and takes away two lasciviousness from traffic the traffic it credibly incredibly too heavy and that makes that worse and put up those this saping trees in 20 years the species is branched out tree that didn't have the ability to absorb all the carbon dioxide that will be produced if they put this in the middle and
4:19 pm
take away two lanes from vehicles and not only vehicles was the golden buses and all the tech buses and tour buses will still be using the two vehicle lanes so it is going to be a madhouse and for years of construction plus the inability to make left-hand turns in two places and eliminating one hundred and 7 parking spaces is going to kill small businesses on van ness and flaesh that is there no way it project make sense at all and i really hope that someone comes to their senses and let's the city and public become aware and weigh in on what they want it is not what months of the people i know i have this with 4 hundred
4:20 pm
signatures. >> (clapping.) we can refrain from the clapping thank you. >> (clapping.) >> (calling names) commission i'm with the city and county of san francisco i which is asked to come today, i feel strongly about the look and feel of van ness i'm like pete he was born and raised here and watched this go up as a boulevard that was an impairment the trees have added a characterization to the neighborhood and feel pride every taxi driver i've talked to in the last two months has expressed absolute disdain and
4:21 pm
amazement that this project it is underway you're beautiful old trees that were planted objective before i was born i'm close to historic preservation commission status not quite yet but those trees in the ground on van ness for over 50 years those people are amazed we're having this conversation a sixth breakdown in the communication and my understanding this commission has the ability to review what has been going on and has the potential ability to slow down so we can at least came back take a solid look at what we are losing and - excuse-me. and make sure that all of the issues that those people here that are addressing are accurately address
4:22 pm
is other things pertain to the spofrz continued ability to find funding their focused on the transportation factor of this project we will not hear the end of this agreement argument we have having don't have the money it's to the allocated for transportation as a skis not to address the van ness issues i'm sorry this is honestly not the last we've heard that have that excess /* excuse and new trees
4:23 pm
going in >> (calling names). >> is chris parks here move on mary is it chris parks okay come forward. >> once you start speaking sgov will put it on the screen i am chris parks a big fan of muni grateful and use it almost everyday i doesn't support in certificate of appropriateness without substantial changes i'll
4:24 pm
character those changes as more in the orders of a rebuild i often jog around van ness and see the signs on the medium trees and all the trees have signs and then i came across the street lamps i wanted to give you something that hadn't come across in the drawings the actual pictures this is van ness as you can see this huge cropping of medium trees and then along the sides are the historic street lamps in 1950 or something like that so this is just to give you a picture of what is happening this highlights the medium trees that character an end and begin van ness the historic van ness this is what is going to happen this
4:25 pm
is i don't know if this is a word but what we want to happen to van ness i'm worried about it trees up close where i work golden gate avenue crossing van ness and here are the trees to be removed those large medium trees and a lamp posts hundreds of lamp posts being removed and one of the hectic lamp posts and this is the new station a channel with a contract now put this on the project sponsor said they'll have to remove those american people's tops i don't know what necessary have to do with the district this is where we are today and a picture of the is you know the trees lost in front of us so, anyway i'm asking to
4:26 pm
reconsider this i was going to add i requested that you continue this certificate of appropriateness and ask the project sponsor to work with staff to address you know the preservation of these granted medium trees and others feature that make van ness the heritage street today, i throughout the project has a gap but no one was to address the historic features it this noting is not something to address the 14 needs to find a solution for that, however, thank you. >> please refrain from clapping. >> sir if you continue to disrupt those procedures we'll call the sheriff you'll be removed from these chambers if you so wish.
4:27 pm
>> so the last 4 speaker cards (calling names). >> mary are you here? okay. we'll move on jeff. >> yes. i'm jeff hello, i'm jaws of life a citizen of san francisco thank you for having me. thank you for my fellow citizens to bring this to the commission and ask you oppose the approval of that project for a number of reasons my fellow citizens mentioned in particular the trees and shade of that covers van ness is quite beautiful and that will be gone as soon as they do the project i came to talk about practical aspects i think are ridiculous so the
4:28 pm
project design will speed up muni along van ness avenue currently the bus goes 3 mile-per-hour across the stretch to a kwhoop 6 mile-per-hour not rapid 6 miles per hour is not rapid any bicycle can go faster than change the name the project and how did i get this whooping speeds one they reduce the number of lanes present from of down to 4 they get rid of turns and they change the timing of the lights and most importantly and what you needs to consider the removing more and more half of the current bus stops i'll ask this group of people that put this project together to try to do a trial run along the side
4:29 pm
of the street not in the middle but along the side of running the buses with reduced number of sidewalks i bet the buses go faster than the proposed in the medium middle with all at changes from 5 to $10 million i think i heard not enough funds to do what you're parking space to do remove the bus stops and run current buses with a reduced number of bus stops to maybe 5 to $10 million that gives us $9 million to do other things you need to consider as well as the project could be done maybe in a couple of weeks instead of a few years with inconvenient recuse the lanes from 6 to four where will accident traffic go in the proposal they don't dr.
4:30 pm
an answer it is a thirty percent reduction of number of cars from the what is currently undergo this is a lot of a lot of adams pollution with no trees to suck up the co2 and the medium someone else mentioned that in the middle 100 percent of the riders need to cross van ness avenue on the side only 50 percent need to cross the street thank you very much. >> patrick kearny. >> hello commissioners. i'm address the commission up to three minutes. care in a an architect that
4:31 pm
works worked on the recreation of city hall i'm a member of the city hall advisors commission to our commission sent you a letter about the brt's all to run to the highlights number one the light poles their referring to can you zoom if you account the hectic photo the poles are actually utility wires put up for the pan pacific exhibition so those poles have been originally transit poles not light poles since the poles were insult as part of streetcar poles be remained i agree keep the hectic fabric but the poles had been remained have no relevance
4:32 pm
towards city hall towards van ness for the exhibition or anywhere on van ness up to some that are remained remained we know those poles were not planned in any of the 6 years designed torn city hall for the architect and roe vs. wade the trees we love trees we want to be sure that still does we feel the quantity of trees located only haven between grove and mcallister be reduce to allow better voishltd the city hall and any trees replaced westbound unified in the transparent canopy we have concerns about the double right now of trees proposed for one section in the medium strip base of the blockage of city hall additionally with a wall of it
4:33 pm
all closely spaced gum trees down van ness the composition of the veterans building can be obscured the composition between the building is not two parts divided by a hedge of eucalyptus trees we applaud the work that mediating and her team and the additional trees will add to van ness but the team is adding many, many more trees and planted as large as the city can afford third, the height of the new fence and gate system to be in the mediums strip been grove and mcallister park be recommended from 4 foot 6 to 4 foot for more visible thank you,
4:34 pm
sir, your time is up thank you. >> robert masonry. >> thanks i'm robert masonry senior engineer with the transportation authority my agency was the lead agree agency from 2007 and intuitively and with the mitigation program and monitoring program i came here to have some notes from the environmentally. >> sir, if you're part of project team you should have incorporated you're presentation. >> we're not part of the team but a cooperating agency. >> you're hired. >> no a separate agency with its own interests in the project. >> all right. >> so you're a public citizen
4:35 pm
commenting. >> i'm a professional civil engineering the federal administration did designate the authority to the transportation authority that concludes the analysis done consulting with the planning department staff and the states go historic preservation officer some defensive that were daughters and concurred by the ship regarding did trolley poles our historical consultant from j rp consulting find the trolley poles are not eligible for the register in and of itself because we lack the integrity of the significance and in parts they have different fixtures that were changed and moved later and the design and installation were not part of civic center plan with the connection to the pacific
4:36 pm
exhibition and only have a partial relationship to the historic district that said this transportation authority strongly supports the advice and approval of the historic preservation commission as shown in 5 of our 41 mitigation measures that the certificate of appropriateness provides and we are very happy to see you taking that role seriously and support our continued involvement in the project thank you. >> i think we have two more speaker cards. >> this item. >> donald.
4:37 pm
>> (calling names). >> become i'm donald the executive director of the civically communicated benefit district on the planning cac i came because we've been working on this for two years and having another 3 years before you see a bus going down the mediums for the project for all reasons that people are against it and people for it it seems like the idea of being a unique endeavor to walk to the middle the streets we do it on market street and complaeshg and in front of of the ball park i'm not concerned where people pick up the bus we
4:38 pm
are concerned about the construction phasing and a long term for the area and you know the arithmetic are concerned how that will work they realize that getting to the transportation flowing through where what it is now will help where it is in thirty or 40 years we'll be cutting down trees but replanting twice as many trees i'm happy about that part i want as a person if the actual community wanted to say thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon. i work across the street 4 hundred mcallister park court house and shamdz to say i learned about
4:39 pm
that project today but when i heard about it i felt compelled to come and speak in opposition of the project first for several reasons many have been and the to summarize i think you need to view this is as a cost benefit analysis the costs i'm hearing a lot about what cost to be to the public and i really don't get what the benefit would be to cut the lane traffic from 6 to 4 i don't know if any of you traveled along van ness friday late afternoon it is very, very long time to get a short distance to reduce the unable number of lanes is a horrible as to the number of trees their crucial to clean the air i on
4:40 pm
the need for the trees to remain is greatest i personally need to make a left on van ness and the left-hand turns my understanding is lombard it is inconvenient for someone like me and further the one a hundred and 7 patricia's that will be permanently eliminated it is in the wrong direction an extreme shortage of parking spaces so it is so bad i got rid of my car parking is to bad around here i'm a fan of muni i like the other speakers before me this project is very parolee could be severed and i think at the lease consider some other alternatives and maybe give the city more
4:41 pm
tii understand amendments we should consider the trees as landmark trees they quality in items of size and diameter i ask the commission to consider any public comment? hearing non-and seeing none, public comment is closed commissioners, back to you. >> commissioners you want to talk about that. >> if we could start out with what we're here for that focuses the discussion certain things if i miss state i hope my fellow commissioners or city attorney will correct me but i do not
4:42 pm
think it is within our purify to review the traffic studies and i don't think it is within our purview to review the wisdom are not have that kind of of a plan our focus is much on more specific and much narrower and has to do with with things like for example, the poles and the architecture or design of the bus stations which is now seems as somewhat off the table for today because there's going to be reconsidered and other things not in the nature of freezing the development of the city and county of san francisco but are in the nature of
4:43 pm
determining as by itself we can how the historic preservation commission concerns can be addressed within 9 context of this project so limiting to that i think that the developments as far as taking temporary making the bus shelters all the table is a very good step i have in opinion on the tree issue i'm sympathetic that the views of city hall ought not to be blocked i would say i think that the light poles streetcar pole thing is becoming clear to me that they should simply be eliminated the reason they should be eliminated they're not
4:44 pm
eliminated now it seems to me they'll fall down and injury someone this and others civic bodies will be put in a position to say trying to say that it was responsible to require them to be maintained or to be left there we know that none will maintain them moofr i'm not convinced their such a significant part of the history of san francisco that they need to stay in in front of the the city hall and the opera house someone suggested they could be put somewhere else i think this would be a very good idea but until we can maintain them we have simply causing a safety hazard i don't know we should do
4:45 pm
that after that i think the proposal has considerable merit. >> commissioner pearlman. >> thank you you know, i wanted to get clarity for the people that spoke i have sympathy for your concerns we received this letter from mary miles an attorney for your concerns it is dated september 2013 so one of the speakers so no public you know the public didn't know about this project and the last speaker said i find out about today, if this is a final environmental impact report and to years and years of review and i'm surprised that and is
4:46 pm
project sponsor can you can tell me if this is true i see a woman shaking her head you can't are an eir without lost public anonymous. >> ma'am, ma'am, yourself out - >> no environmental impact report means lots of public announcements whether you believe that is of particular concern a number of issues at hand our purview is only for this brt project within the civic center and i think a lot of the public think we have responsibility for the brt's along van ness which we have no jurisdiction over and i think commissioner johnck commissioner johns said no jurisdiction over where the lands go and thing that have been worked on for many, many years i do have some comments about
4:47 pm
what we are here for we're he would say hostage by the notation we don't dr. enough money we don't have enough money i agree with the speaker that talked about that fact a fact of civic life there is on this so much money that goes around i'm concerned about the sidewalk issue i mean the curb and sidewalk issue through expelling there is some way i think a patchwork of half the sidewalk done and some of the sidewalks and curbs done in front of the the civic center ♪ historic district is a disagree so much of the presentation of san francisco i don't know where the money comes from i'm sympathetic to the project sponsor that you know you can't reach into his pocket and throw in additional money for the
4:48 pm
curbs i'm here on behalf of the project sponsor the department and mta can perhaps make an argument why it is port of transit corridor and there's value it seems to me people walking along the sidewalk to get to the bus is part of a transportation issue so you know it seems to me rather than desperately e stepping back without awning argument let's gets creative to figure out union argument the fta can contribute because those things in the civic center district are sxooem important one other comment about the signage this is not the place to resolve this today, i was hoping there would be something more informative than two banners something that might be in the shelter or something it to read about it is amount in a year the intriefr
4:49 pm
line along van ness was built for the p pe i think that is a pretty interesting story and, of course, the civic center and why our stopping here pretty important part of the story we'll be discussing on, on the poles i'll torn i understand the issue of them been orphans i go a commissioner johns for us to say they have to be part of that and a piece of concrete drops on someone's head who is responsible is a significant front to back so i'm sort of leon in the camp of let's not have them at the same time that aerial shot that shows someone put on the overhead you can see the light poles marching down they're part of history the p pi e their
4:50 pm
history the resurrection ever san francisco arrest the earthquake and they're not part of history it seems to me they definitely are more of the comments i had when we were reviewing is there any way to you know and this is there the arts commission to make an art piece out of some with interpretive information for a place for people to witness that history i am not i was hoping to be at this significant place i think so is can't be hopefully, this will be future exams before they're taken down between the planning department's or the arts commission that we you know perhaps come up with a creative idea for in their reuse i tends
4:51 pm
to agree with commissioner johns but you know not having them at all if in their and nuisance over time >> quick question for the project sponsor just was because i take the bus will the bus lines has nothing to do with it but you're here i'll ask this will the private commuter bus be like on market. >> the van ness lines the transit is muni returning the 47 and 49 lines and golden gate transit from marin county and 5 stops - 7 stops along van ness avenue. >> my thing were basically down during commute hours on van
4:52 pm
ness because muni shares a plain clothes block of lanes with taxis picking up people and now all of a sudden without accommodations for those other folks that have a pull over a plain clothes a lane we're down to one lane. >> the commuter shuttles are allowed to share the transit lanes we look at that possible and typically board passersby in 30 seconds the commuters take 5 or 6 minutes that is a weigh the for the passengers it will mess up and transit timetables we're providing though 4 of our old sidewalk side stops during commute hours to be there for the use of the counterpart
4:53 pm
shuttles so a lot of traffic into a bus stop and not have us fighting with them over whether or not they should be there and board their passersby more efficiently. >> the last thing i mentions last time is trucks i'll go through any local supervisor farrell to get transportation for no longer tractor-trailers their block a lane down to one lane will be a disastrous thank you. >> so on the historic side you know the light poles i'm torn as well i love them i lived either on union or van ness and traveled van ness for 20 years, however, t ti b buildings were not to last their falling apart once being a builder that once the
4:54 pm
rebar is rusty that will continue to crumble i'd like to save them this is done they're not built to last unfortunately, like the p pi building mayor they were but for public safety the granite curbs i have a tough time not traditional to bring in the curb and it is one section if we do it if we want to try to fight that fight but not the whole project for that preparing to me not a fan of the project but not here to comment as a whole on this on the specific parts thank you. >> commissioner johnck. >> thank you for claifshg our jurisdiction which i agree with specific about what we have over the project
4:55 pm
to me what is make sense or compelling the fact that the section one so 6 evaluation products 5 mitigations that those mitigation conditions found their way in as conditions that are recommended to us ; is that correct shelly. >> just to clarify those 5 mitigations are all require a certificate of appropriateness to be issued for the final project as it in the area of the civic center landmark district. >> okay. but no more explicit. >> no - >> having more detail. >> the by requiring the c of a impacts to the aesthetics and
4:56 pm
can remember resources will be mitigated. >> okay. so we selected this or you selected those particular conditions okay. fine which i think are valid they're good and but i was think and done with the evaluation so i agree with the team of what our staff has come up with now except for the trollies poles i thoughts it was interesting that they were not credit cards resources two of the in terms of the p pi e the history that have that somehow, i got the yfdz of a debate their sixth i agree walking down here van ness today coming to city hall i was thinking about them i knew they were part find discussion so it
4:57 pm
is hard for me as well but none taking ownership he like the idea of art commission yeah. i think that would be something assets to the committee and the arts commission could think of speaking but, yeah if they're a safety hazard none will take charge of them i'll be in favor. >> don't like to do it i'm in favor of that recommendation. >> mr. fry and commissioners two points of clarifications in our deliberation over the trolley poles one the trolley poles will not found to be resources for lack of district in the eir are contributing features to the seismically landmark district in the service center they're considered character to finding marvin at
4:58 pm
our discretion to see how their treats the second clarifications is that nobody disputes the concrete portion the poles are in disrepair and in discussions with the project team it was always assumed some recasting of concrete portion has to occur this will certainly extends the life of the new poll and reuse of decorative metal features on the hectic pole being moved to the new poll while we think those poles are left in place and left to further degrades, in fact, the intent the absorption of the department compel rehabbed and could buy us time to find responsible parties
4:59 pm
whether dpw or mta to maintain them as we move forward we don't believe the safety hazard will be as i am meningitis. >> commissioner hasz. >> are you talking about the poles in the civic center. >> just the poles in the civic center and that's per staff's recommendation. >> right and the funding source for recasting. >> i would defer to the project sponsor but my understanding is they have the ability to recast the poles and rehab the poles should this commission find that that is something that should be include in the project the big question the long or long term maintenance. >> project sponsor. >> yeah. i don't think i've given the impression do we have a technical ability to recast
5:00 pm
the poles yes. >> do we have budget of justification no, i mean we could build new polls and do it all sorts of new things the primary concern our part is that in the end whatever we put out there whether not have an owner and had discussions we agreed to with the existing poles refurnish and fix them up once the water gets to the rebar and it rusts we can try to reseal but the damage is done and we said have to look at the costs of actually taking down
5:01 pm
the exist poles and casting new concrete poles and in their place we talked about at the last meager about on the same page all the cast iron work and have a contractor disassembly them and as in storage to be used on a different project but i don't think we have any serious discussions about basically demolishing the existing poles and putting in new concrete poles up in their place. >> thank you. >> commissioner johns. >> so, now what is the former
5:02 pm
of the motion that we're being asked is it to the certificate of appropriateness be issued which specifics those proposed all overseeing proposed conditions be made part of it is that - >> hypothetical we can choose not to approve or approve with conditions as written or amend. >> i move we approve the c of a without the requirements of maintaining those poles. >> before we ask for a second i have comments i'd like to make. >> you can make them after. >> go around the peculiar and transfers history of that commission of not discussing a motion except before it is made
5:03 pm
which always looefz us in the awkward position of not discussing the motion. >> it's not been seconded (laughter). >> i'd like to have an opportunity to comment. >> i will second it. >> now we'll discuss it i have severely comments the notation of budget the section review is requiring the c of a anything we require will be required of project mta and staff can be very creative in how to frame that specific to the granite in the civic center it is featuring and be included certainly the sidewalks the patchwork we're putting in an entirely new transit system up and down marketed to have a band's aid test incision point
5:04 pm
is horrific we can get creative how this is present to the funding source because wla whatever we require is a requirement felt proximately, and, secondly, the light poles we've google age ascertainment of the 4 we've chosen to replace or maintain i don't know how many others so certainly there is probably lease within out of all the others in better condition than the fourth one not so great i'd like to see i think the project is better and stronger maintaining some assemble and who ever is responsible should be continue to be responsible until the city can figure out how to fund but through their hands up and say
5:05 pm
that is not it is short sites once they're gone they're gone we've deposit a lot of work on al twras it is possible and it should be explored i george's guess lastly a question for staff we have a letter from the city hall advisory committee and i assume they have a direct conduits with you and were there comments incorporated in the staff recommendations. >> i didn't receive the comment letter until we drafted the case report and draft that motion no they were not incorporated and no direct dialogue with the committee. >> what's is their role they don't have to approve any
5:06 pm
recommendations should be considered? >> as part of this so the easy one is the reduction of the 64 foot 6 to 4 feet is that possible. >> it didn't make a difference a requirement those fences be 4 foot 6 okay. >> is there a technical reason theirs 4 foot 6 arrest are a design reason. >> the safety rail on the platform is 4 points 67 so people can lean on them the railing and medium is the same height as the railing open is platform we can drop the medium by 6 inches that shouldn't be a problem. >> i don't think it makes a
5:07 pm
difference. >> i guess we'll have to decide if we want to amend the motion. >> that's fine i'm accept the amendment. >> oh, okay. >> yeah. i don't see what 6 inches will gain if this is a design purpose if it looks cleaner in terms of that much at that height blocking the view of city hall seems absurd that didn't make any difference this high or this high relative to the district so i guess i'll vote against it if it is a motion that has been seconded
5:08 pm
(laughter). >> then the transit poles they're saying not to be reigned in place the quantity of trees that align with not obscuring city hall and really up for debate amongst this commission explain the transit poles and what to do with them and i think i would agree with commissioner pearlman that the of inches is probably not going to make a difference and keep them the same. >> you don't wish to amend that motion it's a withdrawn can we repeat
5:09 pm
motion. >> commissioners the motion. >> excuse me. mr. fry. >> commissioners sorry to interrupt one others medication of a quick an option you have i hate to do it you may want to punt the issue dealing with the trolley poles as the rest of the project will have to come before you at a future dates matt haney the bus shelters from the commission is torn and more information needs to be provided you have that option. >> well, as far as i see the only item of information that is all important to me is whether someone is going to maintain those things so far none has said that no department has said we'll do it so if that changes i
5:10 pm
suppose someone can come back i don't think it will and the prs prospective of putting those in storage simply means any grand children will vote to although through them out i know about option into storage they eventually deteriorate. >> you're grandchildren will say those are fantastic let's put them up. >> commissioner from the chair regarding and also from staff i mean as much as they're not in that good of shape puvent down the road i drive that all the times and see if their worst safeway and potentially find a resource to
5:11 pm
maintain them. >> i don't buy the excuse we don't is it an owner to throw them out. >> commissioner haney. >> projects this thing take decades to come to fruition that giving this issue a little bit of time that maybe we can talk to dpw we're talking about 4 poles i mean you know what who is maintaining the hundreds and hundreds of light poles in san francisco adrc it is they are different and especially, if we find four veteran reasonable good shape and giving them maybe a couple of decades of life may be in 10 years or 15 or 20 years you know dpw might have to do maintenance seems a tiny amount of money relative to a hundred
5:12 pm
millions prong so i definitely agree to take that that out of the motion to keep the project moving not hold up the project. >> excuse me. >> commissioner johnck. >> my final word on this after considering the section one 06 that is i originally throw threw into the rather than the certificate of appropriateness part of budget so we included in part of the budget our budget will have to be revised to look at where leveraging can be found so i would go back and a say if we have anymore time to have this agency look at again at this this is my preference i
5:13 pm
would second we can vote. >> commissioner johns. >> i'm comfortable with amending the motion to there is no decision made today on the light posts which is what has been destroyed as punting. >> i prefer to say that will be left for another occasion. >> (laughter). >> commissioner johnck are you okay with that withdrawn as is berserker of the motion auto yes. >> can someone tells you what the request for the motion. >> as far as a motion second to approve that certificate of appropriateness with conditions as recommended by the staff removing the section regarding the had trolley poles in order
5:14 pm
to opine or make a recommendation at a later time and is only other portion as stands the condition is the reduction of medium railing to 4 feet. >> ucla i call the question. >> wait a minute that's exactly right the 4 feet was withdrawn that's off the table we're back to 4, 6. >> you didn't catch the withdrawal. >> okay. >> and then is 5 conditions that. >> we're down to 4 conditions. >> right we removed that. >> so evening lighten us. >> i suggest we don't remove the condition on the trollies poles but this comes back before
5:15 pm
us. >> that would be a finding as opposed to oh, a condition you're right. >> among themselves to modify the third conditions that reads like the second condition which was asking the mcallister park station shall be removed reword it such that the project sponsor shall roach is hectic trolley poles treatment from the cutters proposal and seek and second certificate of appropriateness sorry within 6 months of approval to allow project sponsor additional times to develop a rehabilitation plan for this 4 trolley poles. >> yes. >> i think that captures is nicely and the other 4 will remain as staff proposed.
5:16 pm
>> are we readies. >> we're ready okay. a motion seconded amending condition number 3 to seek a separate certificate of appropriateness within 6 months commissioner hasz commissioner johnck commissioner johns commissioner matsuda commissioner pearlman commissioner hyland so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero. >> jonas i think we probable should take a 5 or 10 minute break please.
5:17 pm
>> to cbo through the design times and ready to have comments good morning and welcome to the to the historic preservation commission regular hearing wednesday, november 18, 2015, and and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. commission commissioners, we left off under you're final item number 9 case the historic context for the lgbtq history in san francisco this is a historic context statement good afternoon, commissioners and historic preservation commission the last item is a consideration to adopt the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and
5:18 pm
transgenders and queer context statement for san francisco it was written historian with the lgbtq history society anothers funded committee the department staff has the responsibility to the committee the city previously relildz on the sly james in the city the sub cultural in san francisco from 1933 to 1979 and lgbtq reference a a copy of this is constituent in the packets with this new lgbtq context statement expanded the timeline for native-american history of the 1990s and includes for information on the documents information on the lgbtq including the lgbtq and men and women and lgbtq people
5:19 pm
of color after my presentation we'll go through the histories in for detail the context statements to gather data and identify the structure sites and object the culture heritage statement like this one makes the patterns of neighborhoods of a specific group of people over the course of times periods and identify sexing and significant places as the home at phyllis lion the daughters of the folks the context assessment is a fraction for american express and integrity thresholds this is the type of framework that provides a methodology for have a seat and interpreting properties department staff will use the context statement for
5:20 pm
the future planning effort a complete list is included in our packets it create a creation of a website and e-mail address brochure fact sheets and posted were across the city as you can see the project garden a lot of media xofrn and advisements with the sf impossible and gay and outward media additional from the jailhouse society and engaged the society with the annual reunion the polk association and the castro and upper market and presented to africa people with the foundation and the national preservation conventions and
5:21 pm
invited a solar to the lgbt and the scholarship have a media presence including the facebook page and preserving the lgbtq in california and the queer history headquarter at the jail historical society we have a proposition from the lofblt community they held that events if relationship to 2014 where the community members railroad encouraged to share their experience the lgbtq experiences many of the those get the experience were included in this document 33 people participated in the interview and accessed 25 historical interviewed into the
5:22 pm
willfully xoifz and shawn and donna will cbo through detail after that and in anticipation that or of this hearing the final draft for the review some comments were received but all the comments were submitted in our packets one additional letter was received last wednesday i'll distribute a copy ever that overall the comments were supportive and the document be adopted with mistaken and some commenters are an information information or requested that the comments be added as much as the comments about terminology two shareholders precede enough substantial technology and historical and accurate they don't support of the adoption of
5:23 pm
the context statement at this time in contrast to our architectural base work like this has done the living history this is a lack of sclrl veftsdz resources people want to see all the identity in the documents as is the draft document is given to staff at this point it is the gold statement of the context statement staff recommends adoption have been lgbtq helpful context statement is meets the requirement as so for the by the skwooir secretary of interior and away was reviewed by a qualified committee and any mistakes will be corrected be that concludes my presentation. i'm available to answer any
5:24 pm
questions now to shane and donna. >> you want questions now or for her or later and sure you have a question commissioner johns and the e-mail about the baker street club how do you continued to deal with that. >> the comment was the property has been noted in the document this is just a minor correction within the documents. >> so you will make that minor correction. >> okay. i see. >> ms. watson and ladies. >> so although additional so have more do this in 10 minutes. >> i could teach a college level course on this. >> hi, everyone i'm shane the architecture historian co-author
5:25 pm
the report donna will speak after me i'd like to start it's been an honor and privilege for both donna and me to research and write this history on behalf of and loovnd the lgbtq community in san francisco we're thrilled to be at this stage thank you commissioners for considering the deposition of this report and thanks to the planning department staff they're guidance and support quick note american people acronyms we decided with the committee why the lgbtq to push for easy of speaker and drop the q in the presentation. >> over the psa past two years donna and i worked at the library for the lgbtq and the gay and lien center and benefits from the scomplip as more
5:26 pm
importantly san francisco living lgbt communities advisors along the way the theme the overall theme of the context statement was the development the lgbt communities in the city the recorded document from the native period from the early 1990s it is citywide and looked at it all neighborhoods in san francisco if played a parts this report is not inclusive but instead aims to provide a broad overview we looked at 9 themes of the orchestra arching themes quorum the first few and donna that take over in is the early few minutes on identifies before we begin to tie those to the builds
5:27 pm
environments we video to explain why lgbt forms identities and others prchgz so most of 19th century the labels of lgbtq didn't exist so people wisdom identify didn't understand they were their say 19th century and early 20th century we wanted to convey that lgbt people were not born into the communities family circling circles they have to build communities because so many were put out we discussed the tenderloin after prohibition we documented the sex space and cultures owe the baths houses and bars and talked about the importance of parties in private
5:28 pm
residence they're safer than voouven into public spaces this third theme is harassment just as is lgbt communities started to form in the city we saw agencies cracking down this is important lgbt reflex everyone everything to venture into public they were reviewed as criminals and pathological for being themselves and countless number of lgbt people railroad harassed and the effects were catastrophic in the fourth theme the lobster people figured out they're rights to gather in public spaces many of the first influential home were headquartered in san francisco and the home file were the wave the gay rights movements
5:29 pm
maintains 1950s we discuss the lgbt community groups and include the first gay right center it opened in the market street in 1956. >> good afternoon donna gray before the next theme we dealt with documented the captains and changes the lgbtq obtaining classify in the polk street and is emerge of new neighbors in the 1960s and 70s in the castro and mission the lgbtq communities also led to an increase in the lgbtq owned and serving businesses we documented in many neighborhoods the significant threesome deals with the fact that san francisco is an international center for the history of gay liberation
5:30 pm
into a political and social movement this city nurtured a new generation of lgbtq like harvey milk we've connected those organizations to the sites the nation's first gay communities at 83, fifth street other housing of offices for the biosexual rights and the prides parades sites for intackle heritage this chart building eleventh communities sketch the wide variety of was lgbtq people built new organizations and institutions in arraigns the recreation and more we note sites that are a female roll the
5:31 pm
fields where lesbian and gay sports an example of a more permanent place is the women's building that has multiple associations is lgbtq hefty in san francisco since is it opened in 1979 accident chapter on the eleventh medication documents the place that reflect the medical prospective on the lgbtq identity how people figure out to change practices about their lives our important example the psych that opened in the 1940s and made san francisco a pioneer place for gender and sex all the it was where transgender people got medical expert the last chapter deals with the impact avenue aids on san
5:32 pm
francisco and the city's role with the epidemic merged and where power medical research was conducted we've identified any had p many sites with the organizing to support people with aids and to protest against hmo to be and government he'll dragging in addressing the crisis as in the last few minutes i'll talk about our impediment strategy outlines them quite thoroughly shane and i building this history it powerful told we try to have this process to engage with the communities partners as much as those are from our coffer workshop at the women's building in 201350 people showed up where the volunteer not records recorded them
5:33 pm
the following may a second workshop a nonprofit that works with the lgbtq seniors and we specific want to focus on gathering stories under groups who histories have been less well documented people identified addressed transgender and lgbtq people of color for this we partnered with young people from the la jolla did care recreation and information center and has internlz at the university of california berkley a chance for elderly to share their experiences with others susan described the fact we conducted a number of interviews i'll add we late in the project developed a partnership with the national organization through they're out loud project and listed a number of people we gotten do know to go do the san francisco main library and
5:34 pm
formally record their history in the booths one of the funniest outreach events we participated with was the annual reunions at the form site as a formal lesbian sites in the past pride shane worked with them to get a recording finally earlier is that the last slide? >> oh, there. >> finally earlier this year with support from the national trust and california preservation relaunched the california pride a mapping project we knew that serve la was developing an lgbtq historical context statement we thought that was a tool to share your vbtsdz sworn testimony
5:35 pm
theirs and to build awareness cross california to lgbtq history i'll close now thank you very much. >> thank you any questions from the commission? >> open up for public comment i would like to congratulate you guys good job. >> i'll read a few names. (calling names) >> hi thanks for the opportunity to i'm here on above the historic trust i want to express our appreciation for the lgbtq history in san francisco donna alluded it the national trust supports and documents and preserve the lgbtq sites we have that 20 years ago we provided a
5:36 pm
grant to the one institutes for the gay and lesbian landmark and supported the project she described and last month we provide a grant to the la for the production of film the documents the lgbtq sites we applaud the historic preservation commission and the historic preservation commission fund committee planning department staff and the study authors for what is the most comprehensive studies of lgbtq in the metropolitan area we're especially impressed with the outreach you've heard about to provide insights into in historians for the general public the country spent san francisco to be a leader in protecting those sites this historic context statement will provide a foundation for the resource safer the lofbt sites in san francisco and the designation of
5:37 pm
eligible properties at the state level. >> this h c s has the highlighted the thinking tackle legacy businesses the protection of legacy is a clean interest to the nationals trust we're happy to play a role in the prop j that created the legacy funds two days after that vote i moderateed with mike butler some many businesses have lgbtq history i bring this up i asked the audience very i am patricia where the preservation felt comfortable the approach to legacy heritage is not tie the
5:38 pm
history of the buildings of the business with that of a specific site and overwhelmingly out of 200 people support this approach i highlight this i think that in this history we'll find that issues of integrity are often going to do challenge us we need to have perhaps a more flexibility approach across the country we're ready to go there thanks very much. >> thank you. >> desiree. >> hello commissioners desiree smith of san francisco heritage we're also here to express our support for the adaptation of this historical lgbtq history inform san francisco heritage has been watching the project you think fold since 2013 we
5:39 pm
support the first outreach event and also featured the project if in our newsletter and social media one the major reasons weer critically excited about this project we believe that is crucial do recognizing a population that is invisual and we believe that will serve as the model for others municipalities if van this field having read the documents we feel that it is incredibly broad in scope eats reach in the final documents did an exceptional job with the investment history and context statement provides a useful framework for evaluating the significant fraction where the preservation and is historical society and the hpc for pushing this important
5:40 pm
efforts forward and no doubt will designate new larks for the experience of city and thank ks experience of city and thank ns experience of city and thank dse experience of city and thank ms the experience of city and than the experience of city and than the experience of city and thanr the experience of city and than the experience of city and thanr the experience of city and than for the experience of city and thank for the experience of city and thank you. >> i'm speaking here today a a citizen of san francisco as a member of san francisco lgbtq communities and also as member and secretary of the board of directors of the lgbtq historical society i'd like in overseeing ways to hereto fully recommend we adopt the holistic context none of the board members are on the advisory
5:41 pm
committee the project advisory committee there are formal board members there are formally executive directors and also curators ever our history museum as well as sloorlz of the lfkt history and also important members of the lgbtq community so i don't want to repeat too much of what everyone else said but i can see from what's susan parks said and from what donna graves said the historic context statement and a large number of people have asked about it and also most importantly the historic context statements recommendations include continuing to identify documents and designate lgbtq history properties in san francisco and further original research so in terms of this historic context
5:42 pm
statement is provides a framework for future elevations and for future examinations of our occurred ideas what is important if san francisco lgbtq past so and just do finish up as many of you may know oh, okay. >> you have 30 seconds. >> that san francisco lgbtq history is not only important to san francisco and the bayer but e bayer and important to our stat aid nation and to the worlds adapt a statement will be an example to other states across the nation thank you very much. >> randy t burns. >> hi. >> push the bottom. >> hi, i'm randy burns the
5:43 pm
co-founder the gay ooichlt we done a lot of as an organization i've been in contact closely i want to say to the two officers or consultant they did a beautiful job job on the history part of california native people especially, as it regulated to lgbt people i got an e-mail on november 1st not an e-mail but roscoe sent me a copy and encouraged those two environment to contact me ratings gay american indians gay history we celebrate our 40 anniversary and cultural work with the national institute at the national indian
5:44 pm
american museum it is down the road but into the history i'll i'm the only co-founder the gay oichld and holds into the archives of gay oichld and i don't know if donna or the other officer had not called me, i'm taken auerbach i'd like to see myself i've calls did staff members when it hit the bar magazine i clip the articles for the last 35 years i have roots here in the bay area but i'm originally northern from nevada when i said to see how many native people have used acholic beverage effort and women's building inspection for others
5:45 pm
facilities i would really, really would encourage that communities of colors especially i noticed there is an aide epidemic on section nine explicit look at that document ensue encourage the commissioners to people this for 3 months and provide that document before you're commission meeting today to be reviewed at the native american health center and mission neighborhood center i could go on and have a lgbt townhouses i think that will give for people especially over american gays and lesbians time to look at i've been on many, many board
5:46 pm
meetings and the national gay pride thank you who honored me you're looking at history you're looking at someone that has paved. >> thank you, sir, your time is up. >> sir - thank you, sir, your time is up. >> chair could i say i've brought up to date. >> sir (inaudible). >> great, thank you thank you. >> yes. you can. >> final speaker beth. >> this the the history my ipad i'm beth visit in pacific california and took time from
5:47 pm
running my bar to be here to support the citywide historic for the lgbtq hefty on behalf of any great aunt monoin a in the north beach bar section of the statement and i did write something instead of ramping i'll read this shane watson and donna gray through this year rows fell have produced this watson and graze have priority the theme like my great-aunt mona was extremely vicinity and really marched to the beat of her own drum she didn't start out to create a business but
5:48 pm
women being treated parolee by other establishment and wanted to help you building that mona identified with them through her and her family members didn't have a stable life themselves so to that end i believe that this statement is important because it provides a portal back in time louse us to understand the rich and complicated experiences my great mona passes in early 2000 was not able to speak on behalf of home share in support so just as every building need a foundation to authentic tell the history you need the context the foundation of every story thank you i hope you'll adopt this statement thank you. >> great, thank you. >> is there anyone from the public that wishes to speak
5:49 pm
public comment is closed. >> commissioners, back to you. >> commissioner johnck. >> this is a wonderful project i thought thrilled to read it i thought it was brilliant in our design and fantastic and i only have one addition, i.e., a suggestion to add one site and that's city hall and roksz gavin amusing e newsoms support and forgot proposition 8 and have some marriages so i guess i realized the statement went up to 1990 i'll recommend we include city hall in the wisdom of sites event related to that anyway, thank you i thoroughly endorse this statement and thank you for
5:50 pm
your efforts look forward to seeing more to that. >> commissioner pearlman. >> thank you very much this was really brilliant i had you know a tiny little piece of the action i wrote the report for the 2263 market street the aids quilt building and was involved with that professionalism project over a number ever years i came do san francisco in 1989 and so that period is familiar to me and when we look forward that building i was involved in a c p f i did some of the research to talk about the sites in san francisco the gay and lesbian sites in san francisco so i was trial thrilled to read through the document it is so rich i i mean so rich doesn't realize
5:51 pm
when i clicked on the link in our agenda that i was going to do get this massive tone and navel that is quite fantastic congratulations do anyone i don't imagine anyone suing you called it the gold standard is really the right way to look at this so thank you very much for doing it and i whole heatedly endorse this. >> commissioner johns. >> i wish to join it was really a magnificent efforts i move it be adopted. >> second and i have a couple of comments congratulations it is really wonderful to see this document come to a conclusion i'm sure you are too
5:52 pm
i actually wonder in anthony can explain to the commission from interest our own this connection of integrity legacy business and tangible assets and why the preservation remove hiv has been tied to the industry and our prop j and is legacy business andemove hiv has been tied to the industry and our prop j and is legacy businesmov tied to the industry and our prop j and is legacy businesove tied to the industry and our prop j and is legacy businesve tied to the industry and our prop j and is legacy businese hd to the industry and our prop j and is legacy busines hiv has b to the industry and our prop j and is legacy business hiv has to the industry and our prop j and is legacy businesiv has beeo
5:53 pm
the industry and our prop j and is legacy businesv has been tie the industry and our prop j and is legacy busines has been tied the industry and our prop j and is legacy business has been tie the industry and our prop j and is legacy business prop j could you. >> right i don't mean to you go this is a appealing yes, ma'am in discussing sort of i think tackle heritage my colleagues with mike butler and other speakers self-washington, d.c. and new york talking about the loss of sort of you know commercial heritage of the city due to rising rents in all 3 cities there was i think a profound recognize that wee those places don't matter simply wlaus because of fabulous ma hypothetical bar but the stories they embody those stories can survive even when the linkages with the historic site is consumed or sometimes broken like prop j the law we have now allows for the recognition of the legacy businesses of they don't operate in an historic venue that's a major step and it is not necessary stepped good it is a conflict that is historic
5:54 pm
preservation commission it is interested in what the preservations from around the country are they comfortable not a right answer eventually we need to be more expansive in what it is the realm we operate in and move beyond releasing and go confront that recognizing others infrastructures and again, the heritage businesses so much gay history happened in those kind of bars and venues and restaurants but i just lost my train of thought i'm sorry - that i'm sorry, i lost by train of thought. >> excellent thanks. >> thank you. >> and then last comment in relation to the robust public outreach you've taken on that
5:55 pm
was incredible and well done from the gentleman who spoke about the gay american indians there was plenty of opportunities to participate in the process but if the authors think there is an opportunity to think about that a little bit more i'll encourage that i know that is important and i know this is evolving history; right? any more information we can future would be better. >> can i say one more thing this was in you're recommendations in the reports but i see this about the signage and the notation of plaques and things like that that i know i talk about philadelphia that's where my family is down or from the revealing the history i certainly hope that is in
5:56 pm
reference to what you were talking about dick disconnecting place teacher of the year down the buildings this is what happened ♪ location think there that is how people read the city of there is a glass high-rise on this site was monas or whatever and information that's how we keep the history of the place and not lose to deserving and still live even though disassociated from the physical history so i hope that can be related to this as this gets flushed out over the time >> commissioner johnck. >> yeah. what about the idea including city hall as a landmark or site if you're interested how does that happen does that have to be included
5:57 pm
that the motion or. >> mr. fry and tim frye you may want to include if in our motion for something. >> if you agree san francisco city hall is the landmark associated with lgbtq evolves evolution and history i was referring to other people but i was thinking circle of form gavin newsom and his support. >> and harvey milk yeah, like harvey milk. >> it is offsite of the period that was under study i'll defer to the authors they feel a logical way to incorporate the information. >> i'll not follow any sources but. >> you have a harvey milk story that definitely includes city hall this is definitely within the scope of that discretion. >> the gay marriage is around
5:58 pm
gaven newsoms outside of study but a section on family formation and it small, medium, and large it seems to me that can be brought in a footnote or in the middle of the body of the text. >> so i'll recommend. >> a great idea. >> to make a it requirement or approval i don't think so since the author said they - >> have a footnote. >> okay. fine. >> commissioners to adopt the historic context statement. >> shall i call the question. >> on that motion commissioner hasz commissioner johnck commissioner johns commissioner matsuda commissioner pearlman and commissioner hyland. >> absolutely. >> modems that that motion carries 6 to zero he apologize for anyone that waited for the
5:59 pm
next hearing for the cultural heritage assess committee we'll have to cancel is and postpone the discussion as the presenter was no longer able to stay we're adjourned. >>
6:00 pm
>> we're going live my monitor yes i'm not able to see the


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